4 Ways to Spoil Your Dog This Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is a holiday where we are meant to celebrate our affection for the one we love. Whether we have a significant other or not, let's be real...our one true love is really our dog. I mean seriously, dogs are all about unconditional love and affection. And they deserve only the best!


Here are 4 ways that we can help you express how much your dog mean's to you:


Mulberry Bouquet Dog Harness and Dog Collar with Velvet Mulberry Sailor Dog Bow and Dog Bow Tie


Dress your pup in our Mulberry Bouquet collection reversible harness and dog collar with interchangeable velvet sailor dog bows and dog bow ties. If looking cuter is possible, this combo is sure to get your pup even more attention when you're out on the town. 



Love Rope Dog Leash

I've rarely met a dog who doesn't LOVE going on walks! What better way to treat your pup than with a brand new leash to parade around the neighborhood. And for those times when sh*t happens, check out our pretty waste bag holders. You're sure to be rewarded with lots of kisses when you return home.






The Doggy Snuggle is Real Throw Blanket


Up your snuggle game with your true love. Our blankets add some serious coziness and style to snuggle sessions with your pup…they’ll be a new favorite for both of you! "The Doggy Snuggle is Real"


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Coco Therapy Dog Treats


You know the saying...the way to a ma.. no, dog's heart, is through the stomach! Treat your pup to a snack that is both healthy and delicious. We have quite a few varieties to chose from and all contain coconut, an ingredient with numerous benefits for your furry love.


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No Matter how you spoil your dog this Valentine's Day, we know they will appreciate it infinitely! Our little furry balls of love deserve only the best and I hope that Wag & Wonder can be a part of that bond in some little way.

I would love to see pictures of you and your pups celebrating so please don't hesitate to email me at wags@wagandwonder.com. I read each and every message personally and respond. 

Karissa xxx

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