Dog Moms Gift Guide
Because dog moms are moms too!

Even though dog moms are celebrated every day with the love of their sweet fur babies, Mother's Day is a time to appreciate our special kind of motherhood. Whether you're treating yourself or another special lady in your life, I thought it would be fun to give you some ideas. All of these products come from small businesses, that like mine, celebrate the love of our little Earth angels. I hope you find something you like. Happy Mother's Day!

Karissa xxx
Custom Pet Portraits by Melissa Averinos

My talented friend Melissa takes personal photos of your pups (ok, she does cats too, and probably any other kind of pet you might have), and turns them into these gorgeous, colorful works of art! ...and her prices are totally reasonable.

Melissa is the proud mama of two Golden Retrievers, Max & Beau, and a little kitty nugget named Butterbean.

PS...She has a Betty White collection that you should really check out too.

GoodBarks Custom Pet Portrait Pillow

I'm sensing a theme here but how can we not put our cute baby's face everywhere?! I'm pretty obsessed with this pillow and feel like I need one for every room. It's absolutely feasible too because it comes in 8 colors! Dog Dad Jim has so many amazing products in his shop that you won't want to stop there so be sure to explore.

Jim is the proud papa of sweet Maltese mix named Princess.

Lala Confetti Pet Portrait Water Bottle

Another cool product with a spot for your pup's face. And it's all about self-care mama. Get your daily water quota with your dog's face on the side. There are 15 colors to chose from so how can you not NEED one of these? Robin can even do a mock up so you can make sure it's absolutely perfect before you buy.

Robin is the proud mama of a Border Collie named Poppy. Love her name!

Printed Pawz Custom Paw Tag Bracelet

Gorgeous jewelry to honor you pup? Yes please! I really had trouble picking a favorite from Danielle's shop. You really should explore the options before picking a gift for the dog mom in your life.

Danielle is the proud mama of Lola and Ollie, two Welsh Springer Spaniels, her inspiration for Printed Pawz. ♡

Wag & Wonder Woodland Foliage Collection

Nothing makes a dog mom happier than spoiling her fur baby and that's why our Gift Guide wouldn't be complete without some Wag & Wonder style. My absolute favorite print is the Woodland Foliage. It has a beautiful Indigo background with gorgeous watercolor foliage in shades of greens, purples and blues. It is absolutely stunning in person! The Navy Watercolor Plaid coordinate isn't too shabby either.

As you probably know, I am the proud, crazy, obsessed, in love, dog mama of our model Henry, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Modern Merrigold Jewelry Co. Personalized Dog Bone Name Necklace

So special...keeping your baby's name close to your heart with a beautiful personalized necklace. I love accessorizing and layering in a necklace like this is a must. Dog Moms everywhere would absolutely love this! Not sure if this is the right style? Mary has so many more gorgeous options that you can check out here. So hard to pick just one!

Mary is a dog mom of the three pups featured in the picture...Dexter, Betty & Zulu.

Shabby Lane Dog Mom T-Shirt

Comfy t-shirts are the best for taking strolls with your baby. And this one is so stinking cute and oh so true. Dog mom life is the best! Catherine has so many more options too so be sure to check them all out before you pick your fav.

Catherine is currently without a sad. But she has birds, fish and the occassional squirrel visitor. Ha!

PocoPet Packable Small Dog Carrier Sling Bag

This one's for the mamas with the small and mighty babies. If you're like me and take your pup with you everywhere, this is such a good investment. Maybe the place is too crowded to let him/her walk? Or maybe your pup is royalty and demand to be carried. So cool how it folds up into such a small bag that you can keep in your purse too.

Jenn is the proud mama of Max Von Schnoodle and the inventor of this amazing product.

DLK Designs Pet Photo Name Ring

There are so many ways to honor our precious pups and this ring is such a cute option. I can imagine it with a black & white head shot of Mr. Henry. Rings not your thing? Dana has a cute bracelet options too.

Dana is the proud mom to little Luna, shown in this ring.

My Home Matters DIY Tiered Tray Set

For the crafty dog mom, check out these fun DIY decor items. These could be a fun project if you have the two-legged children at home too!

Dog Mom
/dawg mom/ -noun

1. Someone who works hard so her dog can have the best life.
2. Professional belly rubber, ear scratcher, nose booper, kiss giver, poop scooper, and treat dispenser.
3. Like a regular mom, only cooler.