Dog Moms Gift Guide
Because dog moms are moms too!

Even though dog moms are celebrated every day with love from their sweet fur babies, Mother's Day is a time to appreciate our special kind of motherhood. Whether you're treating yourself or another special lady in your life, I thought it would be fun to give you some ideas. All of these products come from small businesses, that like mine, celebrate the love of our little Earth angels. I hope you find something you like. Happy Mother's Day!

Karissa xxx
Wagged Tails
Custom Pet Frosted Glass Can Tumbler

My talented friend Brie takes personal photos of your pups (ok, she probably does cats too), and turns them into these gorgeous, sketches that you can put on your wall, your clothing, and my personal favorite...this tumbler just in time for warmer weather!

Brie is the proud mama of dogs named Nyla & Kova and two cats named Mika & Rylo.

Three Spoiled Dogs
Buffalo Plaid Dog Bed with Personalization

At our house, there is a dog bed in just about every room. This one is definitely on the must have list! It comes in a bunch of colors and different fabrics too. And putting your baby's name on it...swoon!

Elizabeth is the mama bear to two spoiled rescue dogs, Bella & Charlie. Her third spoiled baby is waiting for her at the rainbow bridge. 🌈

Wag & Wonder
Dog Mom ❤ Chino Cap

This sweatshirt is my go to for those cool walks with your pup. I love the fit and it is unbelievably soft.

If you've been following along with us, you most likely know my sweet baby, Henry the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Sweet Natured Pet No Bugs!

Warm weather is coming but so are the bugs! I'm a huge proponent of using natural products when it comes to keeping bugs away from my Henry. This spray smells amazing, comes in gorgeous packaging AND it works!

Jennifer is the proud mama of Jack, a 2 year old Aussie Shepard mix, and Logan, an 11 year old Belgian Malinois.

The Crazy Dog Mom
Dog Treat Sampler Pack

As a dog mom, I love nothing more than spoiling my pup so I couldn't not include treats. No added fillers, colors, preservatives or flavors make them oh so worthy PLUS they have a sample pack to help narrow down your dog's favorite. Or, Amanda's brilliant idea, use them to create a dog friendly charcuterie board for your next party!

Lucky Dog
World's Best Dog Mom Mother's Day Card & Sticker

Every mom deserves a card letting her now how amazing she is and this one comes with a sticker! A sticker!! She could add it to her water bottle or laptop so everyone she meets knows what a great dog mom she is.

The Painted Pug
Dog Dangle Earrings

So adorable...wooden dog earrings, yes please! Such a fun way to show the world how much love you have for these special creatures.

Sarah is a dog mom of a baby pug named Gracie and a lab mix named Deliliah. She also has an angel baby, Amber, the namesake of her business. ❤

Erin Regan Animal Sanctuary

Tracy reached out to me with these beyond cute stickers that they are selling to help save the Erin Regan Animal Sanctuary. What mama wouldn't want to get behind such a great cause. And this ➡ sticker is my personal favorite but there are plenty of other options. You can learn more about the sanctuary here.

Tracy currently has over 80 animals including:

10 donkeys, 4 standard horses, 1 mini horse, 7 pot belly pigs, 1 giant hog, 3 mules, 10 ducks, 12 chickens, 3 goats, 8 cats, 17 dogs

Thank you for all you do to help these amazing animals! ❤

The Described Dog
Pumpkin Woofles

Limited ingredient, natural and handcrafted dog treats that are shelf-stable...yes please! Pumpkin is a hit in our house but they have so many yummy sounding flavors for your dog to sample.

Custom Pet Portrait Pillow

I'm sensing a theme here but how can we not put our cute baby's face everywhere?! I'm pretty obsessed with this pillow and feel like I need one for every room. It's absolutely feasible too because it comes in 8 colors! Dog Dad Jim has so many amazing products in his shop that you won't want to stop there so be sure to explore.

Jim is the proud papa of sweet Maltese mix named Princess.

Now That's Personal
Dog Face Golf Balls - Set of 3 Balls

This one's for the sporty dog mom. Although I'm not sure how she could take a club to her pup's face...maybe these would be the special balls she keeps for luck!

Forged Flare
Mother's Angels® - Paw Print for Charity Ornament

This paw print angel ornament would looks so pretty in the window of your home. But the best part is that a portion of the proceeds go to benefit HOME Rescue in the DFW are.

Dog Mom
/dawg mom/ -noun

1. Someone who works hard so her dog can have the best life.
2. Professional belly rubber, ear scratcher, nose booper, kiss giver, poop scooper, and treat dispenser.
3. Like a regular mom, only cooler.