The Birth of a Pet Accessory Brand: Dog Harnesses with Style

Have you ever been on the hunt for something for your precious fur baby and it just doesn’t seem to exist? That is exactly why Wag & Wonder was born.

Floral print dog harness, dog collar, dog bow and wine velvet dog bow laid out

Harnesses! Why can’t I find cute stylish harnesses for my boy? Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing brands out there but I just haven’t been in love with the prints…especially those available for the fur boys. In my world, style is a BIG deal so, of course, that extends to my Henry. He goes with me everywhere and needs to look good too! Being a small dog, he always wears a harness instead of a collar when on leash for his safety. (I think that’s equally important for the bigger pups too but I won’t go into that here.) So, you guessed it, Wag & Wonder offers harnesses in amazing fabrics and prints for the girls AND the boys out there. It doesn’t end there though…

Blue velvet dog harness and dog collar with multi-color print dog bows laid out

Sometimes a pup needs to kick up a notch in the fashion game. There are so many detachable bows & bow ties for collars out there. We love them and have many in our collection. Queue the same problem, Henry wears a harness out for his safety so what options does that give us? Not many unless you want to pile on a harness and a collar…but that so doesn’t look comfortable to me. So yep, you guessed it, at Wag & Wonder, we aimed to solve that problem too! We have an ingenious new design that allows your pup to wear a bow/bow tie the collar or the harness. They are detachable and interchangeable. Both the collar and the harness look great on their own or spiffed up with one of our cute accessories. We hope you love them as much as we do and look forward to growing your pup’s wardrobe through the seasons!

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