New Year, New Year?

I know you might be looking at this blog and thinking “wow, that’s way too long and I don’t think I have the attention span or time to read this”. I would love to make it literally LOL funny and I’ll give it my all, but comedian is definitely not on my resume. So, in full transparency, I’m writing this to put myself out there in hopes that you’ll be able to relate and understand that Wag & Wonder is a person, just like you, not just another faceless business.

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As I write this, we are almost three weeks into 2023. A new year signifies a fresh start, new goals to conquer, and a renewed sense of optimism…New year, new you! Right, or not?

New Year Dogs celebrating

Often times, we set new year’s resolutions only to have them broken before January even ends. Our old habits creep in and suddenly we are back to life as normal. Maybe you can relate? I for one, am hard on myself for not being able to follow through. For failing. And that is not ok!

I am a big podcast junkie, mainly listening to true crime with a few pop culture and business development shows sprinkled in the mix. (I am always looking for recommendations so if you have any, comment below and I’ll share some back. Ooh! And maybe I’ll start a post on Instagram too.) Back on subject…Something I’ve been hearing that has really resonated with me is that setting intentions for the year ahead is so much more powerful than setting resolutions that don’t make past the first 30 days. What are my hopes and dreams? What do I want to achieve? What do I want my life to look like at the end of the year? The idea of setting intentions really sparked a MIND SHIFT for me. A shift that so far has brought much more positivity into my life, has allowed me to give myself more grace and kindness, and has given me the confidence to dream bigger.


2023 Vision Board

I was so inspired, I created a Vision Board for 2023. Something the art-loving child in me enjoyed so, so much. I included things that inspired my intentions both personally and professionally. The vision board is hanging in my office and keeps me inspired and motivated to keep working towards my goals.

So how are intentions and resolutions different? Here’s my interpretation of the two using an intention of mine, one that I think is pretty common.


  • I want to feel good about myself in my clothes
  • I want to be healthy and more energetic
  • Plan: Do more meal planning & prepping. Enjoy looking for new recipes and shopping for different groceries. (Fact: I enjoy any excuse to shop, no matter what for. Can you relate?) Be ok with some cheat days, meals and snacks because sometimes you just need to treat yourself.
  • Plan: Work on my fitness by doing things I actually enjoy. Right now I’m loving Beach Body’s Barre Blend on our cold, ugly days better spent inside. And I’m looking forward to the nice days of walking Henry and running around in the backyard playing. And know that some skip days are good for your mental health, just snuggling up on the couch and binging a good show. (Ginny & Georgia season 2 anyone?)

Resolution: LOSE WEIGHT

  • Lose 10 pounds before March vacation
  • Plan: Fruit is my only sugar, no pasta, no bread. Only proteins and veggies.
  • Plan: Work out 6 days a week with at least 30 minutes of cardio followed by strength training.

I feel like Intentions take mind set into the mix. They give grace and are about motivation, health & happiness. Intentions just seem doable! What do you think?


Writing this brings back a memory of a job interview I had many years ago from someone I now consider to be sadly clueless. This person asked me (in a condescending tone) how my experience in owning and running my clothing boutique really contributed to society in a meaningful way. Those aren’t the exact words but they were something along that line. I was truly offended. For me, there was nothing like the satisfaction of helping one of my customers put together a look that made them feel happy and confident. Whether they were hoping to lose weight or land that new job, feeling good in the moment played a huge part. Never underestimate the power and energy of a woman who feels good in her clothes and thus her skin. She can & will conquer the world.

I am happy to report that the satisfaction for myself & confidence for customers carries over into Wag & Wonder. Because think about it, your dog’s style is an extension of your own. You’re out getting your fitness on in your fab new workout gear, walking through the neighborhood or on a busy trail. You look great but does the love of your life? And yes, I’m talking about your pupper. I created Wag & Wonder for all of us dog moms who care about the confidence of feeling and looking our best. It extends to our dog’s accessories too. WE ARE WHY I started Wag & Wonder and created:

  • Dog harnesses that are reversible…two looks in one!
  • Sailor bows & bow ties that can be worn on the harness OR the collar
  • Coordinating waste bag holders for the not so fun stuff
French Lavender Reversible Dog Harness + Rosette Sailor Dog BowFrench Lavender Rosette Dog Collar + Bow Tie
Seaside Plaid Dog Collar + Sailor BowSeaside Reversible Dog Harness + Seaside Plaid Dog Bow Tie

When looking back at that interview and in turn, helping my customers feel good about themselves, I realize it’s all about intentions. Set those goals and dream big. And most importantly give yourself the grace you need to accomplish them.

If you’ve gotten this far, THANK YOU! Thank you for investing your precious time in me and my little business.


Another intention that I set this year is to find new ways to connect with you. An online business is new for me, and I miss the face to face with special people. I would hope that this blog has resonated with you and put a little positivity in your world and given you something to think about. And I hope to connect more in the year to come, so slide into my DMs 😉, comment on this blog, share and tag us on Instagram. And thanks again for showing up for me!

Karissa & Henry xxx 

PS…I really do want to hear your recommendations for podcasts and binge worthy shows so share away!

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