Meet Izzy the Puppy Mill Survivor

Meet Izzy

The Puppy Mill Survivor

Izzy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Mulberry Bouquet Reversible Dog Harness
I am so excited to introduce you all to our very first Brand Ambassador, Izzy, and her brothers, Loki & Finn from the great state of Vermont. Her story touched my heart and I think you all will feel the same way. I am so proud that her mom, Diane allows Izzy and her siblings to represent Wag & Wonder.
Finn, Izzy & Loki in the Snow



Finn is a 9 year old Daschund x Cavalier Mix. His hobbies include warming laps & being a copilot.


Izzy is a 2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Her favorite hobby is looking cute and I think she does an amazing job of it! Don't you?!


Loki is a 7 year old Mini American Shepard aka Mini Aussie. Playing frisbee and disk are his favorite hobbies.
Izzy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel basking in the sun.

Izzy's Story

Following is Izzy's story in her mom Diane's words. I am in awe of Diane and inspired by her fight for all of the precious pups in the world who deserve so much.

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As a family of rescues, we dedicate our time to those in need. I am a member of our state's disaster animal response team. I am also petitioning for a humane ordinance in my town to ban the sale of puppies in pet stores. We are also very vocal about stopping puppy mills and educating the public on the puppy mill industry. 
Izzy suffered the first year of her life due to congenital health defects due to poor breeding, which is common with puppy mills. She was destined to die at the puppy mill and she almost died in our arms due to pneumonia. Unfortunately, her pre-existing conditions do not allow her to drink water, so we improvise and give subq fluids under the skin. You'd never guess it though, because she lives life to the fullest. She's our little miracle. 
Izzy has two wonderful big brothers who help show her the ropes in life. During the summer they are found exploring the trails at our lake house in the Adirondacks and napping on the docks, while enjoying a nice cool breeze. During the winter, they all enjoy frolicking in snow and cuddling on the couch. 
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To find out more about the fight against puppy mills, Izzy & Diane recommend you check out Stop Online Puppy Mills

 Izzy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Why Wag & Wonder?

We asked Izzy's mom Diane, why they chose to represent us at Wag & Wonder and my heart is warm from her sweet response:

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We are very thankful to be a part of the Wag and Wonder team! Not only to support a wonderful, woman owned small business, but to also help dogs in need! 
I love how Wag and Wonder is not only USA made, but portions are donated to dogs in need. All our dogs were once 'dogs in need'. Izzy is an Ohio Amish puppy mill survivor that was saved by a rescue. Loki and Finn were both pulled from kill shelters in Texas. 
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Izzy & Finn the dogs wearing our Sailor Dog Bows in the snow

Wag & Wonder Favorites

Izzy adores "anything and everything" in our Mulberry Bouquet print. Her brothers like to sport the Mountain Stone Collection. Diane says "I LOVE the fabrics because they are so durable. I was amazed how well the bandanas held up while we hiked in the snow. "

Mulberry Bouquet & Mountain Stone Dog Accessories


Shop Izzy, Loki & Finn's Favorites

Mulberry Bouquet Collection

Mountain Stone Collection


Thank you Diane, Izzy, Loki & Finn for sharing your beautiful selves with all of us at Wag & Wonder! We are proud to call you our friends. 

Be sure to follow them on Instagram @izzythecavalierkingcharles and on Facebook @IzzyIsarorasStory

Being a dog mom is one of the biggest blessings in my life and Wag & Wonder was born from the love of my fur babies. Although this business is giving me the opportunity to live my dreams, I feel it is something much bigger than that. As you know, a portion of every purchase is donated to help dogs in need and your support is also allowing us to spread the word about causes that can improve the lives of these precious pups. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to follow this dream and walking alongside me on the path to making the lives of all dogs better. They deserve it!

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  • Lee

    God Bless Diane and all the kind people that care for these neglected animals. Thank u Wag & Wonder for contributing to the less fortunate -

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