Collar Vs Harness: Why Both Are a Good Idea For Your Dog

At Wag & Wonder, we strive to give your pup all the options they need to up their fashion game by offering an array of beautiful wardrobe styles. Of course, some of these styles are important for more than just looking good. A dog collar and dog harness have an array of uses, some of them overlapping, so should your pup really have both? We think the answer is an overwhelming YES!


Shop Collars - Green Velvet dog collar with light green print dog bow tie and navy floral print dog collar with dark green velvet dog bow tie.

We believe what a collar does best is gives you a place to keep your dog’s ID. Here are some of the most important times your pup should where a collar:

  • Yard Patrol – Even if your pup isn’t an escape artist, you never know when an unplanned adventure might take place.
  • Dog Park & Play Dates – Collars present less of a risk for tangles when you dog is playing with a buddy. Plus, double the fun, double the trouble! You never know when another one of those unplanned adventures might happen.



Shop Harnesses - Floral print dog harness with gray check dog bow and gray check dog harness with floral print dog bow

Harnesses are an absolute must for every dog in our eyes. They are safe, secure and comfortable for your pup on top of being ridiculously cute!

Dogs, especially small ones, can injury themselves from pulling or tugging when on collar and leash. A harness helps disperse pressure over the entire body making injury to the neck and back less likely. They can also be used to safely give your dog assistance getting up after sitting or lying down if needed.

Harnesses offer better control which can be very important when training a new puppy or walking along busy streets or in crowds. Additionally, harnesses are a great solution if you have a little escape artist on your hands. Harnesses are not easy to wiggle out of unlike a collar.

We think it is essential that your dog wear a harness at the following times:

  • Walking – It is so much safer for the both of you.
  • Running – You can clip your harness on the back or front depending on who is the faster.
  • Biking – A harnesses is much less easy for the leash to get tangled up in when out on a ride.
  • Riding in the Car – Harnesses are a must when securing your dog in the car to prevent injury.

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WAG & WONDER FASHION TIP: Have an ID tag that can easily be moved between collars and harnesses so expressing your pup’s style doesn’t mean giving up security.

 xo, Karissa

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