8 Tips for Photographing Your Dog

Being a dog parent, taking great pictures of your pup is probably one of our most common daily activities, right?! I mean, this meme sums me up perfectly…

Phone: Your storage is full. Me: Looks at 8,224 identical photos of my dog sleeping. "No, I need all of these."

Taking pictures of a sleeping pup is pretty easy but getting good shots when they are awake can be a little bit harder…or A LOT harder depending on your baby’s energy level.

I dabbled in photography before I started Wag & Wonder with the basic entry level DSLR camera, and you all get to see my results daily on our Instagram feed. I am by no means an expert and am still learning every day. Whether your pup has an Instagram account of their very own or you just want pics to look through during those dreaded moments where you must be apart, they should be fit for your King or Queen. So, I thought I would share some tips that have helped me along the journey (and no matter if you have a fancy camera or use your phone, these should all apply):

  1. Take Lots of Pictures

    This really shouldn’t be a problem for us pet parents, but the more you take the better chance you have of getting a good shot of your little wiggle but.

    1. Get on Your Dog’s Level

    Arctic Sky Reversible Dog Harness + Velvet Misty River Sailor Dog Bow modeled by Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

      Of course, not all photos need to be taken at your dog’s level, but I have found that these are my best shots and turn out so much cuter.

      1. Focus on the Eyes

      Woodland Foliage Bandana Modeled by Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

      I mean there is nothing cuter than puppy dog eyes…Plus this will give you the best portrait type shots worthy of printing and framing for every room in your house!

      1. Lighting is Key

      Mulberry Bouquet Reversible Dog Harness + Velvet Mulberry Sailor Dog Bow on a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

        Light is so important in photography and you guys, it is so hard to get right! I have found that the easiest way to get a good shot is with natural lighting. Take photos outside or in a room with plenty of windows and you’ll be so much happier with the outcome.

        1. Treats, Treats & More Treats

        Arctic Sky Dog Bandana on Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

          I have yet to meet a dog that isn’t motivated by some sort of food. Henry will do just about anything with the promise of a treat. We use training treats because they are tiny and it doesn’t matter as much if he has lots of them. I hold them in my hand and talk about them to get him to perk up.

          1. Enlist a Helper

          Mountain Stone Dog Bandanas with Stone Rope Dog Leashes & Waste Bag Holders modeled by Golden Retriever and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

            Most of the time, Henry and I do our photoshoots alone but having a helper is so much easier! If you have a spare set of hands, they can squeak a toy or get your pup to look in the direction of the camera so you can focus on getting the shot. Not to mention they can sneak in for a quick bow tie adjustment without you have to lose your position and risk your pup taking off.

            1. Low Energy is Better

            Evergreen Forest Dog Collar + Dog Bow Tie modeled by Golden Retriever

              I don’t know about your dogs, but Mr. Henry is full of energy in the evenings. This is why I never try to do a photoshoot then. He is so much more willing to work with me if his energy level is low. If you do want to take photos during a high energy period, my tip would be to play, play, play and get some exercise first to use up some of that energy. You’ll both be much happier with the photoshoot experience and the outcome.

              1. Take Advantage of Your Dog’s Personality

              Mountain Stone Reversible Dog Harness + Arctic Sky Dog Bow Tie modeled by Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

                A happy dog photographs so much better and more easily. Using your pup’s personality, take advantage of getting shots while they are doing what they love best. Whether that be playing ball, snuggling on the couch or just being a goofball, you will appreciate the happy face you see in your shots.

                Like I said, I am no expert, but these are some lessons I have learned in my journey. Do you have a pointer that I haven’t mentioned? Please reach out and let me know! I would love to add it to this post and of course use it for myself.

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